Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taj Gibson sends a Message!

Music can be heard in a myriad and unimaginable amount of ways.  An annoying drip from your leaky kitchen faucet may be disturbing to you, but to another person an infectious rhythm to a catchy song. Even a honking horn can be used as a form of music as well as tapping semi-ful drinking glasses of water with a spoon.  That being said Sunday in game 1 of the NBA eastern conference finals Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls found a new instrument to play his most recent masterpiece. With almost 23,000 people in attendance not to mention the millions watching on television Taj Gibson slammed on the metal of the basketball rim with the artistry that even Metallica could appreciate.  The bang of a leather basketball hitting a metal rim makes a distinct sound.  A sound similar to a pile driver fiercely striking the flange of a steel H beam forcing it downward into the ground. The bang symbolizes accomplishment to the dunker(T.Gibson) and embarrassment to the dunkee(D.Wade).  If you were somewhat clueless and didn’t get the message by Taj’s monster dunk, or somehow missed the rattling backboard afterwards, a triumphant roar from the emphatic bull clearly told the story.  The message was clear, we will dominate you, we don’t fear you, so take your talents back to south beach. Chicago doesn’t need them.

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