Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lupe Fiasco- LASERS

After hearing the controversy surrounding the latest installment from Lupe Fiasco it actually forced me to go back and listen to every aspect of every song on the album. I hear Lupe is unhappy with the album or at the very least unhappy with the process and the creative control he had or lack thereof. I’ve heard of a perfectionist but this guy would have Martin Scorsese shaking his head. What is Lupe’s complaint? The album is incredible... lyrically he is very descriptive he touches on topics that most people at best, are hesitant to discuss.  This album has two things, it has all the components to be one of the most classic albums ever, yet it also has failure written all over it. That is why Lupe Fiasco is a record labels worst nightmare, he’s talented enough to be considered a great, but not commercial enough to make significant dollars. Lupe should make music that he is happy with because in the end his own happiness is all that matters.

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