Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mavs Win the Finals!

When is a cough not just a cough?  When could something as harmless as the sound of a cough be manipulated into meaning more.  From two people in particular a cough from Dirk Nowitzki meant deceit, it meant fraud, it meant acting.  Two people in particular took it upon themselves to mock a sick and fever stricken Dirk Nowitzki.  They made a mockery of the NBA as well as NBA greats before them, and not to mention themselves as men.  Childish giggles after each other mocked Dirk with they’re own coughs, feeling that they had the NBA championship won already.  Lets joke around they say, the trophy is ours we now have time to poke fun at our opponent.  Meanwhile what was once a weak cough, gained intensity and evolved into a bark.  Not to amused by his opponents foolery, after hitting a game sealing jumpshot in this years NBA finals Dirk smiles as his tongue wags.  Showing the jokesters who truly gets the last laugh. Finally with a second still left on the clock, Dirk takes that right hand that he coughed in directly to the locker room.  No handshake, no acknowledgement, not even a wave goodbye to the immature miami heat “superstars”. They will never get to touch this germ infested hand. Who knows what bug Dirk caught to give him the sniffles, but after the Miami Heat lost to Dallas it looked as if Chris Bosh may be asking for some kleenex soon.